Metadata Review

The ability to systematically seaarch and discover documents in the CDASH archive according to regular categories, keywords or according to map locations and spatial references, like address, neighborhood or historic district, all owes to the descriptive information that accompanies each Place or Document.  This descriptive information is also known as Metadata

At this pilot phase of CDASH it wil be very helpful to pick apart and criticize the form and the content of the metadata before the difficulty of making changes becomes multipied by the number of items that we wil be bulk-loading over the next months.   We have been maintaining a list of issues at the bottom of this page for suggested changes to metadata.  Don't be bashfull about sending your own suggestions to the CDASH team..   

To review the liat of metadata issues that have already been raised, see the Metadata Punch-List section of the CDASH To-Do List.  

Most of the metadata assigned to CDASH items so far has been gathered together by largely automated procedures with a minimum of intervention.    This has left many potential gaps (and sometimes errors)  in the metadata, for example when we have not been able to automatically discern descriptive information or the names of the Author of a document or the Architect of a building.   One of the purposes of CDASH is to provide a means of improving the descriptions for places and documents where time and interest allow.  

We will have training in editing and managing metadata soon.  In the meantime, I have prepared a couple of metadata specimens to demonstrate what a filled-in item description would look like.  

Have a look at the form and content of these two types of description and submit your comments, questions and suggestions to the CDASH team.