To-Do List

To-Do List for Fixes, Improvements / Revisions:  

Most of the work to-date has gone into the development of information about the CDASH documents.  We have only just begun to explore the ways that the information should be styled and displayed in Omeka.  There are several issues that we are aware of, and probably a few more that will emerge as CHC staff and friends begin to explore this site.  Here are a few issues just to get the conversation started.

  • Page Load time has been improved.  But there is still room for improvement. 
  • The search and discovery tools offered by CDASH need to be customized so that searching for an address returnss Place item(s), and not every single document item. 
  • The ordering of items in browse pages order results by street name and house number.  But the house numbers need to be sorted numerically.
  • There should be a button to export items as PDFs.  This function should post the CDASH metadata on the first page, with each successive page including just the scanned image of the document. 
  • The terminology for Place Classes should be reviewed for clarity.  For example, the term "Landmark" might be confused with the officially designated landmarks.   It wil be very important to get experts to chime in on these sorts of terms before we begin creating andloading items in bulk. 

Metadata Punch List

  • Titles for registerd places should reflect the official name for the place rather than the address.
  • Eliminate "Courtesy of" from the recommended bibliographic citation. 
  • Add a Date Note field to appear below the Date Erected field on place items to insicate the source and other qualifying information for the of the date.  In the case of date or dates. 
  • Remove underscores from CDASH Address references.
  • Convert the assessor land use vocabulary to replace abbreviations with whole words in title case.
  • The hyperlink for architect names needs to point at useful information about the architect, or it should be removed from the public metadata page.
  • The Filter by Property option on metadata pages seems to be useless.
  • For Place items, the Subject / Use property is currently populated by the Assessor's Property Class entry for the current property parcel.  This is why the heading includes the term "Use."
  • Book/Page will be automatically included for most Place items.

Mapping Punch List

The next phase of development for CDASH wil vastly improve the mapping interface,  

  • Currently, the Omeka Mapping module does not do a good job filtering the items that appear on the map.  We plan many improvements in this mapping interface.  First-off the map wil only display markers for Place items.  You canpreview what this is going to look like, scroll to the bottom half of the map browse page, set the Search By Class: field to CDASH Place  to eliminate the display of lots of overlapping points for every document.
  • Map markers should be labeled with the address of the place.
  • It will be nice to have image thumb-nails on the map pop-ups.  This wil require some way of choosing images for place items -- which are currently created automatically.  
  • Adjust the map zoom and the marker symbolization so that the at the closest zoom level, a user can see each place marker.  The size, color and shape of place markers should be varied according to the type or designation of a place.  
  • Users shuld be able to check and un-check place types to see more or fewer places as desired.
  • We plan to add many choices for historic maps and modern reference layers.  The reference layer that is currently used is from the public-domain open street-map.  In the future, the map wil be created form official cambridge data.